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Welcome To GardensUp! Enjoy gardening and home-grown produce even if you have only a very small area or patio. Vertical gardening conserves water and fertilizer and can be the highest form of organic gardening. See how our Harvest Highrise raises the art and science of gardening to new heights. vertical gardening,trellis,pumpkins,vertical garden,melons,squash,cucumbers,garden vertically. A new way to garden that adds form, function and innovation to a yard. A Harvest Highrise vertical garden is at once yard art and a highly efficient growing system. It captures the sunlight of a large garden while contained within a small area. With the Harvest Highrise, unsightly, vulnerable undersides of pumpkins, melons or squash that lay in the dirt are no longer a problem. Vertical gardening with the Harvest Highrise reduces the backaches and sore knees of stooping and kneeling to cultivate and harvest.