"You were right, my Harvest Highrise raised my gardening experience to a higher realm. During July, especially, there were joyful surprises nearly every day. My vines were growing several inches overnight, and fresh-picked melon is heavenly. Thanks for the experience!" ---David Petersen, Albuquerque, NM.

"It was a ton of fun!! Family and visitors all marveled at its sight! Friends wanted to know where to buy one! You have a hit on your hands here!" ---Dr. Stephen J. Derby, Troy, NY.

"It really works! We harvested huge watermelons from our tiny spot. Next year we will be growing a smaller variety of watermelon and a variety of cantaloupe, but your support hammocks held on, even under such weight. Every evening after work, we couldn't wait to go see how much our vines had grown. A great nature experience right in our back yard!" ---Nick and Amy Parrish, Woods Cross, UT.

"Our 11-year-old had the most fun with our vertical "melon patch" and growing pole beans. He was out there nearly every morning for as much as a half hour. He even tried hand pollination of the blossoms, and came away with an entirely new appreciation of nature. Having everything at eye-level makes all the difference! It was one of the highlights of our summer." ---Beth and Robert Bromberg, Boise, ID.

"Thank you for your GREAT customer service!" ---S. Dickey, Rusk, TX.